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About Us

We are passionate about wine. Our wineries are nestled in valleys at the base of California’s rolling hills. Unlike many wineries, we welcome newcomers! Our doors are open for tours, visits, and more. Why do we do this? Because we feel enjoying wine is a timeless tradition that anyone and everyone should enjoy! We aim to shatter the stigma that wine can only be understood by the stuffy and the elite. We’re showing pompous wine culture a middle finger with our brash themes and wild style.

Although our style is unorthodox, our wine sticks to the timeless craft of vinification. Our process starts at the soil, which is why we grow in the nutrient-rich and weather permitting Californian environment. With optimal conditions, we can organically plant and harvest pristine specimen yield after yield. With the best ingredients in the hands of our skillful vintners, we can create spectacular wines. Our wine is aged to perfection and packaged to ensure it will continue to age…like wine!

Crafting pristine wine is a process that takes masters to understand, but we face a different challenge that many have overlooked. Understanding the complexities of wine takes years to digest, which can be overwhelming for the average person. Complexity is part of why wine has such a stigma. Our products are specifically formulated to be enjoyed by all! Our flavors aren’t overly tart or earthy (which beginners dislike), but we also haven’t flooded our wines with added sugars to make them excessively sweet (something experienced tasters hate.)

The result is our impressive collection of delicious wines. Although we exceeded our goal to create wines that everyone can enjoy, to transform the way you think of wine, we also wanted to change the way you purchase wine. You shouldn’t have to wear a suit or a cocktail dress to enjoy a wonderful glass of wine. You should be able to enjoy wine in the comfort of your home, and more importantly, you should be able to enjoy wine with friends.

That’s why we started Flight Club. We now offer a convenient way to receive instant discounts on the wine you want now, bulk discounts for the wine you’ll want for later, and a chance to try new flavors month after month. Unlike other wine clubs out there, you can start, stop, or pause your subscription at any time! To do this, we give you exclusive access to our membership portal. This portal allows you to manage your subscription, activate discounts, and stay on top of news and events. One of the most exciting features of this portal is the ability to send products from your subscription to a friend! We wanted the ability for our members to Send, Share, and Receive because, ultimately, that’s what we think enjoying wine is all about. If you’re ready to get started, tap the button below, and let me be the first to say –
Welcome To Flight Club!

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Frequently asked questions

What is included in the Membership Subscription?

To start, exclusive wine delivered directly to your door and Discounts! Our membership subscription gives you instant access to our membership portal, where you can receive discounts on our entire inventory. On top of that, you will be the first to know about news, new products, and special offers. These perks even include options you can use when visiting our beautiful wineries in California!

How come my state isn't shown in the dropdown?

Unfortunately, if your state is not listed on the dropdown, it means that laws are preventing us from shipping alcohol to you. Although this is a bummer, we do offer tours and tastings at our winery! When you're ready to take a vacation, contact us and find out exactly what we have to offer!

If I subscribe, am I locked in for a specific period of time?

Absolutely not! Unlike other “wine clubs” out there, you can start, stop, and pause your subscription at Any Time! Enjoying quality wine is about being relaxed, so we made sure our members never have to stress!

Where does your wine come from?

Our vineyards are nestled in cozy valleys between the rolling hills of California. All of our products are crafted with skillful hands with ingredients born in rich Californian soil.